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break / through career and life coaching is for people of all ages who could use a “tune-up” to make positive, personal changes. Each of us needs a bit of help and support at some point in our life. You don’t have to be alone. Together, we’ll form a mentoring team to explore your options for positive change.

Nan D

Wife, Mother of three young adult children, and Owner/Operator of a personal services business, says: “I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the changes Coach Pete helped bring about in my life. His thoughtful generous qualities make it easy to be open and honest without any fear. He really listens and allows his clients to talk, but also keeps the conversation focused and on point. I have learned and applied Coach Pete’s suggested techniques. The action steps he suggests are always helpful and applicable to my needs and in just three short months I’ve grown so much. I recommend Coach Pete to anyone who feels they are stuck in a holding pattern of predictable behavior. Whether it's personal, professional, or familial, most of us need tools to navigate through the many complications of life. Having Coach Pete to talk to and receive support from is invaluable. I’m a better person and happier with who I have grown into."

Donna Z

"To be coached by Pete Heymann has been one of the most extraordinary and empowering experiences of my life. I came to him for help reinventing my business. He immediately identified what it is that made my work vital and unique. After every meeting, I was motivated, energized and so grateful for his insight and understanding of not only my work, but also the person I am and the life I want to lead. Our discussions have evolved: from business to family, from hardships to possibilities. Pete sets personal and business goals. With his help, I have developed confidence in my work and a determination to succeed. I attribute this to Pete’s encouragement, honesty and effort to get me to the place I want to be. My work with Coach Pete has been life changing. I am so thankful to have him as my coach."

Mark N

Houston, TX

"I’ve been working with Coach Pete for a little over a year, and can’t recommend highly enough his coaching services! He’s helped me not only better shape my personal and professional goals, but has helped me analyze some of my own patterns and assumptions, leading me to a more complete understanding of how I can achieve those goals. The results speak for themselves – I’ve taken a new job, with a promotion and a pay raise, and have improved many of my relationships – both in work and in my personal life – along the way."

Paula Y

"I first met Coach Pete when I was 14 years old. He was 1 of the 3 counselors at Genesis Youth Options connected to my high school. I would speak to Pete, and although he would never let me get away with anything, he would not be condescending in getting to the truth of what was going on for me. For a young man who didn't have kids at the tine and never went camping to take a trip with 2 adults and 2 dozen teens on a camp-out was a true testimony of his dedication in learning more about his new chosen field and supporting youth.
 I was so glad when I reunited with him 38 years later, and had coaching sessions with him for over a year.
Pete coaches me concerning my family and work conflicts by first acting as a sounding board, then guiding me to come up with my own solutions. He reminds me of my possibilities for success in my personal and professional areas, which builds-up my self-confidence; something I had always struggled with."
"I love that Pete knows how to get the ball rolling while making me feel like I'm confiding in a NON JUDGMENTAL friend. Taking away the restrictions, the emotional baggage is how Pete's coaching has been most effective for me. I always feel complete with each coaching session."

John LaGreca

Vice President at Federal Direct

"Pete Heymann is one of the most creative people I have ever worked with or associated with. His work ethic is amazing to watch."


"Coach Pete is a dynamic and inspiring individual for those seeking a positive shift in different facets of their lives. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get to a better place, another level, or simply to have an unbiased set of ears to listen. Many thanks."

Susan H.

Cleveland, OH

"Working with Coach Pete has given me a focus on what we have called “the 4th quarter of the game.”  After 40+ years in the nursing field, I retired.  I was ready to set my sights on what I wanted the rest of my life to look like, minus my career.  Pete helped me dig deeper than I ever would have on my own. His exercises and wise counsel helped me discover what is important to me and where I wanted to be.  Good work focusing on the “now” and not dwell on what might have been or “could have/should have” been. With Coach Pete’s help, I’m now looking forward to what comes next in my “4th quarter” of life."


"Coach Pete is very supportive, easy to talk to, and helps you succeed by thinking positively, learning from the past, but also leaving the past behind.  I highly recommend coaching with him!"


"Coach Pete has a great understanding of how to pull your best self up to the top. He is a great listener and goal oriented to help you reach a higher self."

Maria B

"Pete Heymann is a wonderful coach who has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. I was ready to take my business to the next level. After publishing my book “Living Passionately”, I wanted to launch some Living Passionately classes. He helped me find wonderful wellness centers whose philosophies matched my values. Pete highlights my strengths in every session we have. He follows up on every action he promises to take, which means I trust him completely. Being a solopreneur can be lonely at times. Having Pete coaching me to keep going and reaching higher is wonderful. I highly recommend Coach Pete of Break Through Career and Life Coaching."

John Linderman

Managing Director NorthStar Partners

"Pete has always been the one person I could always go to for creative solutions...It's nice to know that you can simply count on Pete's dedication to help."

Stephan Roussan

President at ICVM Group and Owner, ICVM Group

"Pete's success stems from the fact that, first and foremost, he's a great guy... warm, positive, enthusiastic, and really understands people. Nothing greases the wheels of business like trust and likeability, and Pete's big on both."