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Coaching can help with your personal growth journey.

When you can take a look at your early life experiences and understand what led to the ways you’ve learned to be and not be, you can start on the path to genuine freedom. You can make behavior choices, instead of automatic rote reactions to situations.


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Get Out of Your Own Way...and Get On With It

is designed to help people seeking positive change in their lives. My purpose for writing this book is to share straightforward ways for discovering the key life patterns that guide and form our habits or ways of being. Once you see how you were guided to be, you can begin to establish new ways of being and unleash your potential.

I learned firsthand over the years, from various forms of counseling, coaching and personal growth group work, that substantive change is very possible. It’s never too late to learn and explore new ways of being. But it takes more than shining a light and looking at the ways we learned to be. It takes practicing new habits and new ways of being. The tools presented in my book are designed to help people understand their unique patterns and stories in order to clear the path for positive change.

 June 2020 in-depth with Coach Pete -

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