Every stage of life presents unique challenges, transitions, and opportunities. Together, we can find the silver lining for your later years.

4th Quarter
Life Coaching


Every stage of life presents unique challenges, transitions, and opportunities. The 4th Quarter of Life does too.

I firmly believe that every life stage presents opportunities and possibilities for engagement, enrichment, personal growth, and fulfillment…even the 4th Quarter.
-Coach Pete

One of my clients recently referred his mother to me for coaching. How cool is that?! He felt his mother – who was about to turn 70 – just might benefit from coaching with me.

How wonderful it is getting referrals from my clients…it’s the ultimate compliment and a great way for me to reach and help more people. What an honor to be referred to a mother. She had this notion that she wasn’t done in life by any means, and asked me if I could help her find new purpose and meaning in what she calls her “4th Quarter”. 

By building on the positives in your life and what you most want to do, you can make the 4th Quarter of life Fulfilling, Satisfying, Productive and FUN.

The 4th Quarter is a great time to shine your light.

In working with this 69-year-old woman who was so committed and accountable to the coaching process, I realized we were on to something special. The 4th Quarter of life can be rich with opportunity, possibility and purpose. So I’m offering this unique coaching program to help people make their “4th Quarter” an exciting, fulfilling part of their life.

Just as I do with any age client, I guide my 4th Quarter clients to take a personal inventory. It’s a great time to take a good look at yourself.

Here are some steps I recommend for your personal inventory:


- Identify your Strengths / Capabilities / Skills / Talents

- Create your Lovable List…your qualities and traits that make people want to be with and spend time with you

- Explore What You Like to Do / What You’re Good At / What the World Needs / and What the World May Pay For…this will help you focus on your new Life Purpose  

- Surround your life in positivity…people who believe in you / activities that bring you purpose and fulfillment / time for yourself to replenish and enrich your life and soul



Alone Time



Personal Growth





Your 4th Quarter Can Be...
Purposeful. Fulfilling. Joyful.
Let It Shine.

Live Your Best Life

"Your 4th Quarter Can Be...Purposeful. Fulfilling. Joyful. Let It Shine."