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Mentoring for Men
Seeking Positive
in Their Lives

Every man needs a bit of help at some point in their lives.

Sometimes they don’t know it or acknowledge it, but it’s true.

Introducing MENtor an 8-week online break / through mentoring program for men:


A SOLUTION: Offer MENtor, one-to-one mentoring for men

RESULTS: “break / through men” who…


The Man Box is a teaching metaphor about the way boys / men are socialized to view masculinity, women, and girls. Paul Kivel and the Oakland Men’s Project gave birth to the conceptual underpinning of the “Act Like A Man Box”, creating a central part of men’s work with boys and men. Tony Porter’s decades of work with men in his organization, A Call to Men, has furthered these ideas and made “The Man Box” – a globally recognized phrase and teaching tool. (See Tony Porter’s Man Box TedTalk).

Coach Pete’s MENtor program is founded on the principles he learned at the New York Model Batterer Program for Men (, the Center for Safety and Change in Rockland County and  “A Call To Men”. 

Reach out to Coach Pete for a free MENtoring consultation to see if MENtor is right for you to break /through and break out of the Man Box.