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Coaching Process

Career and Life Coaching

Coaching works when you and your coach establish trust and work to achieve specific, measurable goals

How Coaching works

The break / through career and life coaching process is straight forward and accessible:

In break / through coaching, we will address your whole self–Self Esteem, Relationships, Family, and Career–because these key areas of our lives are so interconnected. What’s going on in business or career intersects with relationship, family, health, etc. In coaching I will help you identify and carry out a plan of action that fits you. By working together as a team, we will explore different perspectives to gain a clear picture of the actions you will need, and want, to take-on. And we’ll use a variety of tools and techniques to help you stay on your path.

Coaching can help bring the areas of your life in alignment.

As your life coach, I will help you identify your strengths, your possibilities, and also what’s holding you back. Once you begin to get in touch with your authentic self, you’ll feel inspired to make changes that are right for you. You will begin to step forward into the life you were meant to experience.

"The Key Is"

Taking small steps of action toward reaching your goals – small steps that can lead to major transformations. 

A coaching relationship is based on trust. So I offer a FREE coaching consultation. 

We’ll talk. You ask your questions. I ask questions. And we listen to each other building trust.

We’ll process my Break-Through Coaching core questions, which starts the process of focusing on your needs, challenges, and initial goals.

–Once trust is established and you decide to start coaching with Coach Pete, you will select the time and day to start your coaching sessions. We then set a regular schedule for your coaching…and we begin! See the menu of coaching package options below.

Individual Session

$ 150 1 Session
  • You can elect to Pay Per session Option for each coaching session at a cost of $150 per 45-60 minute session.

4 COACHING Sessions

$ 500 4 Sessions
  • Elect to buy your coaching sessions in blocks of four sessions (typically one session per week) at a cost of $500 per coaching package of four sessions (at a savings of $100). The 4-session package is the recommended approach. It costs less and indicates a commitment to the coaching process.


Break/through career and life coaching sessions can be conducted in any of three (3) ways:


Every child born to this world is a bundle of wonder and possibility. As we grow up and life happens we often learn to limit ourselves, and sometimes learn not to trust. We learn to navigate carefully to avoid the hurt, fear, criticism, and pain.

Once you realize your past is just a story, it loses its power over you.

Coaching can help distinguish between what actually happened from the stories we carry around with us. We learn that we don’t have to hang on to those stories we created around the drama or trauma we experienced early in life. These stories become our baggage weighing us down that we often carry into our future. We learn we can clear away those repeating stories…clear space to create new possibilities of being and living. We can create positive change to move forward with our lives. And you can start right now.

break/through career and life coaching sessions are typically conducted by phone. Phone sessions make it easy to schedule coaching, even with our busy lives. And phone sessions provide amazing focus and active listening for impactful results. Or, you may elect to have Zoom or Skype coaching sessions with Coach Pete. Your choice…let’s go.

Coaching is a process…to identify goals, establish steps in achieving those goals and to learn and practice new habits. You are always in control of the coaching process, working on the areas and issues of your choice and the time you want to devote to coaching. I will support you every step of the way.

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