career and life coach

Coach Pete brings to his break-through career and life coaching practice a diverse background in coaching, counseling, group leadership, sales, marketing, advertising, and business communications.

After graduating college Pete ran a youth personal growth center for 5 years before applying his people and communications skills to a 30-year career in sales and marketing. He knows business and marketing management from extensive real-life experience in corporate America.

During his marketing career, Pete also devoted time to a powerful community-based counseling program in Rockland County, NY. For over 12 years he was a highly trained volunteer counselor and then instructor, providing services to people who otherwise couldn’t access counseling. He supplemented his coaching skills through private training, rounding out his experience and developing a system for helping transform people’s lives.

Coach Pete helps men and women who are feeling stuck in negative patterns, struggling with a life transition, suffering from low self-esteem, or lacking life purpose…get out of their own way and make positive change.

In addition to running his career and life coaching practice, Pete is active in community organizing focused on issues of social justice and anti-oppression work. He co-facilitates trainings on deconstructing and undoing racism.

Pete is father of two adult sons and a husband of 40+ years. All this life and work experience has given Pete a rich and diverse set of skills he brings to his coaching practice.

Two intensive coaching training experiences helped shape his coaching philosophy and approach: an intensive 12-month coaching-to-coach program with intuitive life coach Maura Leon of Inner Light Coaching, plus dynamic training in the Landmark Worldwide core curriculum tools for living.

Pete’s book,
Get Out Of Your Own Way…and Get On With It, is designed to help people do just that.

 Coach Pete’s purpose is helping people find their purpose…
 to live the life they love. 

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